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There are two parts to successfully funding a real estate syndication—a great deal and ample capital.

The Current State of Affairs

There are many truly amazing real estate investment opportunities that don't get seen by investors due to their lack of presentation and distribution strategy.

Put yourself in investor's shoes—you feel lucky that you found a way to invest in real estate without having to buy a duplex and having to maintain it around the clock, keeping the units occupied, the fridge running, and your tenants happy.

Instead, you learned of a way to invest in real estate by allocating your investment capital into a real estate syndication, a well-oiled machine in which an experienced team of professionals handle every part of what can make real estate a wildly profitable investment vehicle—from negotiation to purchase, from maintenance to sale. Why take the risk on yourself when you can invest alongside a team that's done it time and time again?

Investing in a real estate syndication is clearly the better choice for a passive investor and you want to get started—but which syndication should you invest in?

The Problem

Real estate investment opportunities today are scattered all over the web.

Currently, most deal presentations are siloed within a syndication firm's website that offers them—to say that an investor would be lucky to find them online is an gross understatement, and even if the investment opportunity is found, it's rarely designed to build trust, and is almost always hindered by a confusing, broken website experience.

Having studied thousands of deals presentations online, it became very obvious that syndicators, being frugal by nature, seldom invest in their branding and marketing, as it comes at a high cost.

Those that took on the risk of investing tens of thousands of dollars into their branding and marketing are looked up to by many as the leaders of the pack—the brave, the few.

For all other real estate syndicators, a repelling presentation is the standard that exists today, and is obviously not the right way to attract investors into their investment pool.

Proposed Solutions

A few real estate investment marketplaces arose to meet the challenge, yet a gap continues to exist.

In order to round up and standardize real estate investment opportunities that exist all over the internet today, a few real estate investment marketplace platforms have been created.

Focusing on commercial real estate deals which include multi-family apartments, office & retail spaces, mobile home parks, storage unit centers, and more, there exists a handful of marketplace platform options where a syndicator can list their deal.

The more modern and prominent marketplace solutions for commercial real estate investments found on the web are CrowdStreet, Realty Mogul, and EquityMultiple.

These marketplaces offer great solutions for specific market subsets, but fails to meet a specific need for others. Let's take a closer look:

  1. CrowdStreet is the highest-ranking marketplace on our list. They offer an elegant solution, except to be considered for partnership to list a deal on their marketplace, the syndicator must have at least $100M in Assets Under Management. Many syndicators do not yet qualify, yet deserve the recognition and growth.
  2. Realty Mogul is another established solution, but with a heavily-scrutinized process, where only one deal out of a thousand submissions make the cut. The deal also doesn’t get shared with investor pool for at least 30 days after submission due to a long-winded process with many steps and committees involved.
  3. EquityMultiple is a high-quality, investor-focused solution. While they have a premium investor signup process, their deal presentation is overwhelming. For investors who seek more diversity in their investment options, EquityMultiple has only one investment opportunity at the time of this writing.

Please note: These marketplaces are for real estate syndications only, where investors invest directly into real estate. The list does not include REITs, trusts in which investors buy shares of a company that invests into real estate.

If you feel the above information is incorrect, or feel we should be made aware of another real estate deal marketplace, please email vitaliy@thedigitalcollective.co.

Introducing Syndication Deals

You focus on finding great deals. Let us focus on bringing you capital from accredited investors.

Democratizing Real Estate Investing

Syndication Deals is for smaller real estate syndicators who care about raising capital from accredited investors in a straightforward way.

With a passion to remove all barriers to entry, we created a deal marketplace that allows smaller syndications (in the $2M–25M+ range) to easily create very attractive deal presentations online and share them with a network of accredited investors.

Create Beautiful Deal Presentations

Beautiful, consistent deal presentations means that you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on branding and marketing—we've already done the heavy lifting—all you have to do is input the data that you already have (takes less than 5 minutes). It also means having a deal presentation that builds trust and gets your syndications more investor interest.

We give you the power to create and manage these deal presentations yourselves instead of having to hire graphic designers to create presentations for you—takes long and is expensive.

Simply-Detailed Deal Page

Stand out with a deal presentation that's is armed with the tools needed to create the best possible impression. You're able to include a Deal Overview (name of the deal, asset class, asset type, risk profile, fundraising status, and location), Financials Overview (purchase price, total equity available, min/max investment, LP/GP split, preferred return, distribution details, and projected stats), Detailed Look (executive summary, about the developer, about the market, special tags such as opportunity zone or 1031 exchange, photo gallery, links to any videos, an interactive auto-generated map, and a way to upload any investment docs).

Unlike a deal presentation that's created as a traditional PDF, a Syndication Deals presentation takes less than 5 minutes to create and you can quickly make changes by logging in to your account.

Each deal page comes with its own unique URL and a button to share the deal on LinkedIn which can be used to share the deal presentation with your circle of investors online.

Collect Soft Commitments

After an investor reviews your deal, they are invited to place a soft commitment. Their information is shared directly with you—you'll know who they are, their contact information, as well as how much they are looking to invest in your specific deal. You'll be immediately notified of this lead so you can follow up with them right away to begin establishing a relationship.

Create an elevated fundraising experience unlike any other.

We Want to See you Funded

Each deal submission is actively reviewed, which means that while your deal presentation is live, we personally review your deal to make sure it's positioned to looks its best—from spelling to graphics. If we have any questions or feel like something requires additional clarity, we'll reach out!

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